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Welcome to!

We have unpainted and fully-painted jockey statues in stock with free shipping, and also do made-to-order custom-painted jocks. Lawn jockey lanterns and signs for base and hand available.

Unfinished - Classic - Traditional - Specialty - Custom

The KING of original American garden art-
A 150-year-old symbol of prosperity REINVENTED!


Wrought Aluminum Lawn Jockey Statues
starting at $350 with FREE SHIPPING!

From the sport of kings comes the king of traditional American garden art- the Lawn Jockey! Let the Lawn Jockey welcome you home with hand outstretched to take the reins of your carriage horses, just like in the 19th century. Our Lawn Jock is a must for fanciers of equine or old south nostalgia. The lawn jockey welcomes you back... to the age of gracious living!

Jockeys were originally used as actual hitching posts for horses. Imagine stepping back into time to the horse and buggy days... imagine how peaceful and serene the world was before cars and other obnoxious loud things, when oil lamps flickered above the tree-lined boulevard, and the lawn jockey stood guard up front of ornate Victorian estates as carriages passed by to the rhythm of the crack of the whip and clip-clopping hooves.

antique lawn jockey
An image frozen in time: The jockey at the mansion gate.
Greensboro Avenue, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1908

The classic Lawn Jockey is truly a unique American icon- legend has it George Washington was the first to have one on his lawn in the 1700's. In the world of garden art, Germany invented the gnome, China invented the lion statue, Italy invented the 3-tier fountain, Mexico invented the chimenea, England invented the flower bed, and the USA invented the Lawn Jock!

Kick that Chinese lion to the curb...
Nothing compares to an original-style
real forged metal Lawn Jockey...
100% hand-painted in the USA!

lawn jockey
"Love ya Lawn Jockey!" Somerset, New Jersey 1938

The Lawn Jockey is a time capsule- a reflection of the past before cars, phones, and even electricity! In the 19th century, Jocks graced the stately mansions of the gilded age and were universally recognized as a symbol of power and priveledge. Just like fancy pianos were indoor status symbols of the rich and famous, the jockey hitching post was an "outdoor" status symbol. In todays world run by machines, the timeless jockey harkens back to a world made by hand.

Experience the thrill of
Thoroughbred horse racing
at your doorstep!

dixiana farm lawn jockey
A real metal jockey on the lawn - The ultimate luxury
Dixiana Farm Racing Stable, Lexington, KY 1942

Today, Jocks are at home from the deep south to city streets to country estates... anyplace that art and history converge. The Lawn Jockey has seen many ups and downs, but has stood the test of time just like other American icons like Jazz, Baseball and Elvis! CLICK HERE to read more about the background and origins of the Lawn Jockey statue.

lawn jockey at entrance

The exclusive 21 Club in New York City is the Lawn Jockey capital of the world with 30 antique statues on display. Celebrities and US Presidents alike have been greeted by the Jocks on the steps there since 1930.

lawn jockies

From the 1960's to the 1990's, the Lawn Jockey was definitely down and out as building trends shifted to modern, boring and suburban. But with a return trend to traditional architecture the Lawn Jock is making a big comeback in the new millenium. On a personal note, many of our clients have told us how they remember the colorful red Lawn Jockey greeting them coming home from school when they were young, and want to revive the tradition for a new generation. Now you too can rediscover the past with a unique heirloom-quality Lawn Jockey statue.

Real forged metal- not cheap plastic or concrete - accept no substitutes!

Thought the last Jocko factory closed down along with the buggy whip factory? Yes, it probably did... but has broken the padlock to the closed factory, re-tooled the original designs, and the factory is back in business! We have reintroduced and refined the lost art of Lawn Jockey manufacturing for a new era. Plus we've added some unique new designs like our Sports and Civil War Jocks. And for horse-racing stables, we can custom-paint Jocks to match your riding silks. Lawn Jocks make great gifts as well.

Affordable, practical, unique(and custom) garden art is our specialty here at Our 21st century Jocks are individually forged(not mass produced) from non-rusting, lightweight aluminum to even outlast the originals. Much like Greek and Roman art and architecture has been reproduced over the ages, continues the metalworking traditions of 18th and 19th century American master craftsmen.

Each Lawn Jock is artistically painted with attention to detail in heavy-handed brush strokes with thick, contrasting colors of high-quality oil-based paint for years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

Our Lawn Jockeys are hand-painted with 2 coats of paint for that SUPER GLOSSY SHINE just like the originals!

Our Jocks are IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP in most cases and we offer FREE GROUND SHIPPING as well. Your Lawn Jock arrives fully-assembled in about a week in a 60-lb. cardboard box... just pull him out of the box and set him on your stoop! We also offer oil and solar lanterns to dress up your Jock. is powered by
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